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The current wars in the world are encouraged by lies. About our country have been woven and are still being woven all kinds of inventions to justify another war. In the last two decades Cuba has been judged repeatedly in Geneva as violating human rights when in fact they should measure up to countries by their degree of compliance with the requirements universally accepted as a whole.

Systematically important material has been delivered by Cuba to the Human Rights Commission meeting in Geneva, developed by the Cuban Foreign Ministry, in which is expressed: "Cuba and its defense of all Human Rights for all." On this report there is not a single word in the world.

What Cuba says in those reports delivered consistently is not well received by the  U.S. power circles because it argues clearly how the comprehensive conduct, universal and free, of the right to education in Cuba at all levels of education, including university, ensures the effectiveness of human rights in education.

The previous U.S. administration, in the so-called Bush Plan, proposed to dismantle the systems of basic services now enjoyed by all Cubans and set in place schemes that would respect the demands of neoliberal policies, with the usual consequences of exclusion and marginalization of the social sectors with fewer resources.

That famous U.S "plan", which has not been shelved, plans to destroy the current textbooks and other instructional and learning tools, which they describe as "deeply politicized" without the slightest respect for the intrinsic quality of its content.

The Bush Plan is one of the greatest lies of the early 21st Century that aims to eliminate the Cuban society. In these imperial dreams the elimination of the current National Security and Social Assistance - guaranteeing universal coverage – is announced, and the privatization of health services and education, which would cease to be free and with universal access.

In the case of education the reopening of schools for the elite is projected, the development of private education at all levels of education and paying for public education.

Bush's dreams for Cuba are the same for all administrations: destroying the example of the Revolution.

And why do they want to dismantle the institutions that guarantee the exercise of power by the people of Cuba and of the many organizations that support the full participation of every citizen in a civil society with deep roots and high popular patriotic values and solidarity?

These ideas have been and are an imperial echo in various media around the world and often repeat a lie seeking to convert the truth to the world to make war and destroy societies.

The current case of Libya is a good example to know where they are going and many wonder what moral authority have the Western countries to make these "humanitarian" interventions, which actually represent the worst genocides of recent decades?

All five wars of the Empire until now have been presented as good. If not justified to "protect civilians from a slaughter" as was the case in 1999 and now in 2011, it was to "respect international law." However, all these wars are a violation of international law and human rights.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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