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      Agents and criminals in the pay of the CIA, operating in Chile, Washington Moreira (with plate DEA) and Todd Porter (with veneer FBI), alias "Carlitos", are responsible for managing the transfe…




Agents and criminals in the pay of the CIA, operating in Chile, Washington Moreira (with plate DEA) and Todd Porter (with veneer FBI), alias "Carlitos", are responsible for managing the transfer of resources illegal to carry out the murder of Nicolas Maduro or Diosdado Cabello, before year-end.

Skeptics may ask the U.S. Embassy in Santiago.

In this plan there are two possible scenarios.

The first concerns the murder of Maduro, in an environment of widespread social chaos and disorder, artificially created. This crime seeks to provoke a power vacuum to pressure for a military intervention, supported by the opposition led by Capriles.

The CIA has intensified its contacts with military commanders to probe their possible reactions to such an event.

Site preparation includes violence in the streets. This will be starring, among others, by groups who say linked to the far left, but are typed from spying station the U.S. Embassy in Caracas.

Then Maduro finalized, for which the CIA called Cuban snipers - Castro, entered the country illegally.

To deepen the discontent, is up a major operation to produce in the population, the shortage panic.

In this, the CIA will follow the model used to overthrow the government of Salvador Allende in Chile, implemented from 1970 and ended with the 1973 coup led by Pinochet

The script is with people who are suddenly in neighborhood stores and buying in excess or take all essential commodities, especially food.

Thus, demand will outstrip inexplicably, and often supply incubating people the feeling of scarcity, precluding the way, the replacement in the same scale.

This is what is known in psychological warfare operations of the CIA, as the effect "of the vacant storefronts," used to promote a climate of despair and distrust.

Then start to appear the ranks of consumers waiting to buy essential items.

All this will be exploited endlessly through the media and by the opposition, with shipments of live TV, specifically from poor villages, to undermine the support base to Chavez.

To enhance the process, CIA monies go to fund the paralysis of land freight transport nationwide.

Then bribe to large goods distribution companies to suspend shipments or fall behind.

The supermarkets, food factories and agricultural estates, thanks to the pay of the CIA, monopolize the products, ie, retain, conceal or destroy, and produce slower, culminating in a boycott of great magnitude.

You will see a black market, where the products are sold at prices much higher than normal, creating big business for speculators and traitors, at the expense of the most vulnerable families.

So, irritate the popular sectors and, thus, liable to government economic inefficiency.

The agency dollars, will also be used in union corruption of strategic enterprises, to promote stoppage or slow work.

To increase the fear in cities, will be demolished electricity pylons through bombings, with the aim of leaving them in the dark and at the mercy of crime. The shock and public insecurity, are the other sides who seek to exploit.

It would be rare that attempted against the life of more than one opponent to radicalize destabilization.

Be hindered Maduro's murder, a second option would be activated to force the entry of the military to power.

This is to kill Diosdado Cabello, blaming Nicolas Maduro and Iranian intelligence service, giving, in the opposition press and the media handled the CIA abroad, it would have been a power struggle for leadership the Bolivarian movement. CNN would be responsible for giving international coverage such lies.

In this confusion, you should not rule out terrorist acts aimed at killing officers of the armed forces or the police who are loyal to the government. The CIA and its minions, can not risk that patriotic soldiers denounce the conspirators.


Funding for this operation would come again from drug trafficking large quantities of cocaine, which the CIA goes through Chile.

Would be used for these purposes, the company with presence in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, called Crawford & Company, led by CEO Jeffrey Bowman, from parent headquarters in Atlanta, USA.

This is known by the Chilean Interior Ministry, currently headed by Andrés Chadwick Pius recognized Pinochet, who led a mob of DINA (Pinochet's political police), in 1976, who tried to kill with stones and sticks beats Catholic bishops , Human Rights Defenders in Pudahuel airport, to their arrival from Ecuador (CELAM - Riobamba).
So, Andrew Pius, was excommunicated.

That cowardly attack, was known and approved, at the time, by his friend, another recalcitrant Pinochet and current presidential candidate of the right, Pablo Longueira.

In this action to destabilize Venezuela, is part of the Mossad, through one of its agents in Chile: the current Defense Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter.

Another agent, linked to the CIA, is Rodrigo Ubilla, Deputy Piñera government.

Knowing this background are Marko Interior officials and Rodrigo Barros Magdic Belmar.



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